Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Year, New Routines

Fall has always seemed to me a time of new beginnings, more so than January 1. Probably the influence of going back to school! So its a good time to think about starting over. It has been far too long since I used my CJ. I have no excuse -it's right there next to my email! I think it may be time to tweak it a bit. S&S just doesn't happen for me in the morning, so I will try it in the evening.

On Monday, I took a break from all my housework. I was tired of feeling like I wasn't accomplishing much, and what I did do was immediately undone by someone else. You know what? The house fell apart. The dishes somehow never even made it to the kitchen. Those dishes that did make it to the kitchen were unceremoniously dumped into the sink, and or any other available surface rather than the empty dishwasher. Clothes and books lay where ever they hit the floor. Obviously, I had been doing more than I had thought!

I Clean My House

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Since yesterday was a short day for me, I tackled the kitchen while DH did the LR. Within an hour I had my shiny sink back. I still need to mop the floor, but that can certainly happen later! But my kitchen is clean, which means I'm much more likely to cook, and my LR is clean so I'm much more likely to relax!


  1. Hi! I LOVE your blogs, especially Turtle Inspirations (because I'm Montessori teacher too ;-) ). But I can't post a comments on that blog (and I don't know why). I just want you to know you have very interesting posts.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm not sure why you can't comment on Turtle -I've checked it & it is set to accept comments from anyone. Ghost in the machine perhaps? I'll keep playing with it to see what I can do :)