Monday, November 16, 2009

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like........Chaos?

Let me begin this post by saying if you are related to me, please don't read any further.  If you do then I will take no responsibility for your discovering what your gift is and thus spoiling the fun.  Thank you.  And now, a commercial break to allow those who need to make a discrete exit:

OK, now that they have left the room I can fill you in on all the projects that have been dominating my free time the last week or so!

The biggest gift so far:  my wine cork Christmas Wreath.  It has taken two years (and borrowing from my sister) to get enough corks to make this one.  Yes, I could have purchased wine corks to add to this but that's not the point.  The only thing that was purchased new was the straw form (approx. $2.00).  The ribbon, corks and hot glue I already had on hand.  Needless to say I'm very tempted to keep it for myself.........


Next we have the Get Well Gremlins.  They are made from thrift store sweaters & filled with rice so they can be warmed (or chilled) when someone needs to feel better.  The little pocket on the front is perfect for holding a cotton ball or scrap of fabric with essential oil on it.   The original idea came from 5 Orange Potatoes, and as with most ideas, I've taken what works for me to make it my own.  The free pattern makes a gremlin just right for a little one:


I made a larger pattern to use for a grown-up:


I didn't think to take a photo of these two together so you could see the size difference, so I'll do that later.  I have another one in the making -they are very addictive!

Finally, I made some hand-warmers from scraps of old blue jeans.  They are intended to be for DH, but I may make another pair because these seem to large for his hands!  Thanks to Frugal Family Fun Blog for the idea  :)


Because of all my crafting madness, by basement looks like it has exploded.  Mostly that is due to DD being down here whilst I work (she's got to keep herself busy exploring & pulling things apart, you know).  At least the projects are coming along swimmingly:  I should have them done in plenty of time to be wrapped BEFORE they need to be given.  I have another project or two underway as well, but I'll keep those to myself until they are picture ready :)

Next week I have the entire week off from school -DD starts a new daycare on Monday, so I'll have a day at home by myself -an unheard of treat these days!  Thanksgiving will be at my sisters so no need to prepare my home for it  :D

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  1. I love this post. I wish I had time to be crafty. I love doing craft projects.