Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Picnik

No, I haven't gone crazy and forgotten how to spell picnic.  I used the online photo editing website Picnik to jazz up a photo of DD to use in our holiday cards.  I went a little crazy and upgraded to the premium package just so I could have access to all of the fun stuff.  After editing the photo, I uploaded it to my Shutterfly account so I could have the pictures printed at my local Target store.

After I ordered the photos I realized that they won't fit in the photo card frames I had already purchased :(  So being the clever clogs that I am I went back to Shutterfly and ordered wallet sized photos to use in the frames that I do have (and got for $1 a package at Michael's).  These will be the ones I hand out at work.  When I pick up my photos tomorrow I shall peruse their selection of photo card frames -they had some scrummy ones there last time I looked!  So although I won't be quite as on the ball as Diane, I at least have a plan and most of the materials.  I should have time this week to finish the deal! 

The only thing to throw me off course is an issue regarding stamps.  I purchased holiday stamps last year and still have enough left over to handle this year's mailing.  But the postage rate has gone up since then.  Do I purchase non-holiday stamps to add to last year's for correct postage, or should I get new holiday stamps all together?  Your advice will be appreciated!

Of course this also means I have extra holiday photos coming to me -if any of my Twisters would like to get on my mailing list DM your address to me  :)

For those of you who may have missed my Twitter updates on Friday,  I'M OFF FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!  Holiday Prep in Full Force.......

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  1. I love picnik... turned a photo of Top Ender into the Grinch! Should I buy the premium package too I wonder...