Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Without a Tree

I may have mentioned this before, but my house is very small.  So small that we do not have space for a Christmas tree, at least not this year.  My solution?  Hanging wreaths on the wall.  I wrapped the wreaths in lights, and then simply hung the decorations on the wreaths.  They are up and (nearly) out of Turtle's reach -a few birds have had ruffled feathers, but so far no lasting damage has been done.


Picnik collage


And finally, the decorating project that I didn't want to divulge earlier because I didn't know if I could finish it in time AND I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  Lucky for all of us I did finish the project and it did turn out!  I made holiday curtains out of white flat twin sheets and ribbon.  I was hoping to create a crisp look by combining red & white (my fave holiday colors this year).  The pictures don't do justice to reality! 


I was going to use the giant bells as pull backs, but I got lazy & didn't want to drill hooks into my window frame, so I hung them at the top instead


The peppermint candy ribbon fits perfectly in my Cardinals & Candy Cane theme this season.  DH was wondering why so many bird ornaments were making their way into our home, too  :)

I still need to make the Santa Key, but as I was pulling out the holiday decor I realized that the Santa Cookie plate was missing.  I have a nagging feeling that it was broken last year when we put things away.........

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