Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nearly Done Now

Deco Merry Christmas with Tree and Presents

Wow -just ONE MORE WEEKEND before Christmas!  I have so many little odds & ends to finish up.  Presents to wrap, one more package to send, supplies for school party, and 1 last major food shop.  But I don't think I'll be up until the wee hours of the morning to get things done at the last minute :-D  Hopefully I'll be able to take most of our gifts & food to my sister's next weekend so that on the day of our family party I can just head to her place (I'll be working the morning of our party).

I would have liked to be further along since I ended up with three bonus days at home this week thanks to the weather.  But I didn't count on how time consuming it would be to keep DD & the dog from hurting each other.  We are babysitting my mom's dog Seamus (maltipoo puppy 9 months old) for the time being.  She has just had a hip replaced & we all figured it would be best if she didn't have a dog constantly under foot during her healing time.  At any rate, it is very stressful to have a puppy & a toddler under the same roof.  I'm really wishing we would have put in a fence this last summer because then at least I could kick him out to play.  But it will be so much easier for Mom to get better if she's not worrying about him or having to take care of him.  Good thing both he & DD are cute!

It is the last full week of school too.  I have plenty of work to keep the kids busy, and LOTS of projects which they love.  The decorating is done, but we had to disable the lights on our wreaths.  DD just couldn't keep her hands off the cords and for safety's sake, they are unlit.  I'm sure we'll plug them in on the big night.

Merry Christmas, Man. Dig Those Crazy Elves

One good piece of news: I thought DD's Santa cookie plate was lost to us forever, but I found it this past week.  I'll just pop it in the shadow box along with the Santa Key (note to self -still need to assemble this) and we'll be ready for Santa! 

I've been much more organized this year than I have before.  But one lesson learned is that I need to seriously declutter.  It is hard to keep various projects going when there is no where to put things out of the way but yet still be accessible.  I'm thinking that Decluttering will be my New Year's resolution.  Have you decided on a resolution yet?

Deer with Ornaments in Antlers, Illustration

I'll need to sign off now, I'm preparing the meat to put in the freezer for the Christmas Eve meal!

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