Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 2

Today's BabyStep: Get dressed to lace up shoes.

Whoops. This one is trickier than I thought it would be. Mostly because I get up very early in the morning. Now, I don't get up very early in the morning because I AM a morning, I get up very early in the morning because I am most definitely NOT a morning person, and it takes me hours to get going. Once awake, I can be ready in 20 minutes. But it takes me two hours to wake up. The glitch in getting dressed to the shoes comes from the fact that we have a small house (I may have mentioned this before), and when one has a small home noise can be an issue. I do not want to wake my DD before I have woken up myself, and if I make too much noise in the morning, she will wake up. So I strive to be as quiet as possible in the morning. Look at me - day 2 and I am already making excuses!!!! So, I will quietly get dressed to the slippers in the morning. If I end up waking DD up before I am ready for her, I shall just send her over to the FlyLady until I am ready to face the day.

I also managed to gather my towels together for a mid workweek load of laundry. I shall pile it on my bed so that I have to put them away before going to sleep. No wait, can't do that as there are those who know that I am perfectly capable of crawling under the covers, towels and all, and proceed to sleep. I shall just have to be a grown up about it and actually put the towels away when they are done in the dryer. (Ed. Note: Laundry was put away long before bed time:)

Looks like we are in the living room this week. That should be easy as we tend to clean this every day anyway - it is DD's main play space. Being a small room (a recurring theme) it really does not take long to maintain. We also dine in our living room, and because DD can reach everything on the table now, we keep it clear of clutter. Or rather, DD keeps our table clear of clutter.

Goal for this week: find other flyblogs. I am curious as to what my flysisters are up to! Also: find HRM - I've got the newo system, I know where the discs are, but the HRM is mysteriously missing. Hmmm, maybe I am subconsciously sabotaging my fitness efforts.

For dinner tomorrow: DH will be preparing lamb. Hmm, probably should pull the lamb from the freezer so that it will be ready for DH to magic into a delicious meal.

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