Saturday, May 9, 2009

Too organized?

I was on the ball this morning: got the MR done by 8:00 (on a weekend no less), drank endless cups of tea, got some of my daily chores done. I knew I was going to the Farmer's Market - I had ordered some lamb from a vendor & needed to pick it up. I was just waiting to see if my mother would be joining us.

Finally, it was departure time and I realized that I COULD NOT FIND MY WALLET! I panicked. I knew exactly where I had left it when I came home yesterday, but it wasn't there. I looked high and low, tore apart drawers, cupboards, hampers - all in a desperate attempt to locate my wallet. I even called DH at work in case he remembered seeing it. Turtle started getting grumpy - I had told her we were going out and she was wanting to leave RIGHT THEN.

I was feeling very bad - all this work with FlyLady and I lose my wallet. How embarrassing! I sadly picked up my market bag and on a whim, reached inside. Gah! In my organizational frenzy of the morning I had already packed my wallet in my market bag so that I would be ready to leave as soon as Turtle was dressed. I had been too efficient for my own good!

So I wasted 45 minutes and created quite a mess looking for the wallet I had "efficiently" placed in my bag. Maybe what I need to add to my control journal is BEING PRESENT while I work :)

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