Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zombie Clutter

With the help of a Twitter pal, I managed to do a lot of decluttering this past week. As I neared the bottom of the pile on my work table, I came across an electronic toy of DD's that was in pieces. I have to mention this particular toy because I have thrown it away TWO TIMES already. Yet there it was, laying in a pile and mocking me.

I'm not the one who pulled it out of the trash with the hopes of breathing life back into this little plastic piece of junk, but this post is not about blaming anyone. The point is that I felt absolutely NO REMORSE in sending this toy on its way to silicone heaven. This is a toy that DD doesn't use (obviously as it has been in pieces for many months now) nor was it a toy she ever loved. I have no place for it so off it goes! There are a few other items which seem to worm their way out of the garbage bags too..........

My basement has now been relieved of two bags of garbage and three boxes of items that have already been delivered to charity. I also managed to free the buffet in my kitchen which is actually my largest counter space. Cooking is so much nicer when I can use the counters for prep and the stove for cooking, rather than using the stove top for both prep & cooking!

Menu is planned for the week, just not loaded into my Google calendar as it was down when I was ready. It will be my second week of summer vacation, but an odd one as I will be caring for DH who is having minor surgery this week. I think I should get a few bottles of wine to keep on hand for this task!

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