Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 4, Take 2

Today's BabyStep: Write these things down

I have to admit it, I needed to take an extra day for this babystep! DD has croup and on top my pneumonia, it just wasn't a pretty day yesterday. Poor thing was so tired this afternoon, she couldn't help being crabby. And as I have been awake since 2am with her, I can certainly sympathize. The house suffered from my little break. I was able to complete my WHB and by the time DH & DD returned from grocery shopping, I was ready to hang out in the yard with them. It is a good feeling knowing that although my home is far from being clutter free, it is at least in "good enough" condition.

Tomorrow's goals: 2 loads of laundry, plan menu for the week

Tomorrow's menu: Pasta margherita

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