Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Flying!

Yes, I'm still here & I'm still flying! Oh dearie, dearie me though - I'm terribly naughty when it comes to writing about it. Do I need to place blogging on my CJ? Hmmm, maybe I do. Maybe my inner brat is just not allowing me to proceed further than Day 6. Let's see what is on Day 7: Oh - it's Pick Out Your Clothes - I already did that last night! Hooray, another babystep under my belt.

Perhaps I need to do some form of written CJ until I'm done with the babysteps - electronic just isn't cutting it at the moment!

But thanks to a Twitter buddy, I now have a menu for the week. Tonight we are having ..... quiche! I didn't get around to making my BBQ sauce for tomorrow's crockpot meal, so I'll need to do that this evening. I'm sure I can Twitter & sauce at the same time :)

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