Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 4

Today's BabyStep: Write these things down

Does starting a blog count as writing things down? Hmm, probably not. I did start a digital control journal using the web-based program Remember the Milk. I love making lists, but paper and I have a dysfunctional relationship. I can make a list and within an hour, lose that list. I figure that a website would have a more difficult time losing my lists. So far it seems to be working. I only have two lists right now : am routine and pm routine. I am slowly adding items to each list, but I don't want to rush things (again). When I am brave enough I will add an RSS feed from my list to the blog, but I am not that brave yet!

It was tough today: the antibiotics appear to be working, I am just enormously tired. I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant! All I really wanted was to crawl into bed and have a nice long nap. But it wasn't to be. I have already used my sick days for the school year, and my school is small enough that I am not covered by FMLA. Not really in danger for losing my job for being sick, but why take that chance? As I was so tired, I didn't actually make my planned meal for this evening (mac-n-cheese). Maybe I will attempt it tomorrow. But by following my simple am and pm routines, my house is under control and looking fairly decent. By the time I am back to feeling normal, I won't have to waste energy digging out, but be able to continue on with decluttering.

Tomorrow's goals: Thursdays are my usual Weekly Home Blessing (WHB) time - DH usually has Thursdays off, so he keeps track of DD while I blitz the house. But why should everything go according to my plan? DH has to work tomorrow (evening shift so no help w/DD) plus we have a walk-thru of our former school building in the late afternoon (very important as it looks like we will be able to move back in as soon as post-flood renovations are completed!). I will be getting home much later than usual, plus I have a conference to prepare for on Friday. I will attempt as much of the WHB as I have energy for so that on Friday, I will have as little to finish so that I can enjoy rare time off w/DH & DD.

Tomorrow's menu: leftovers!

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