Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today's BabyStep: Read an essay that Kelly wrote.....about using calendars

OK, so I was a good girl and read the essay. I have a calendar (not the Flylady calendar, but a similar one that I got for 50 cents at the local card factory outlet store). I write down our appointments and events. DH actually looks at it - I have it posted on the side of the fridge, very close to where I use my laptop. Since my laptop is my office hub, it is very easy for me to remember to write down things as they crop up.

One thing I need to do is to write down birthdays. I know my families birthdays, but not very good at remembering beyond my own family. During this vacation I will make it a point to collect birth dates so that I can add them to my calendar upon my return.

I also like using my google calendar. I have been adding my menus to it, which I can see from my email screen. I have added a school calendar as well (different color tabs) so I can keep track of things I need to do for school. I have tried a planner, but that doesn't work. Since this calendar is web-based I can use it via my laptop.

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