Friday, June 12, 2009

DeClutter Bug

Who would think that a FlyBaby would get over-enthusiastic about a project & go overboard? While you recover from your collective gasps of shock, I'll fill you in on the details.

I was feeling a bit blue (stinkin thinkin really) about my house and that lately even with constant rescuing & decluttering, I was making no progress. Rooms would virtually explode the moment I left them (spontaneously of course!). My summer was looking like constant drudgery rather than the time I needed to devote to various projects at a leisurely & satisfying pace. The straw that broke the camel's occurred while I was washing DH's clothes (normally he does it himself but right now he still can't lift heavy objects such as full laundry hampers). I ended up having to wash all of his clothes because unbeknown to me, the clean clothes from the last load of laundry were inside the hamper and I was throwing his dirty clothes from the floor on top of them.

Now I may have mentioned this before, but we have a tiny 1941 house. We have correspondingly tiny 1941 closets but 21st century wardrobes. DH's wardrobe is very simple - work clothes & not work clothes, don't really change from season to season. Whereas I have work clothes for fall, winter, spring & leisure clothes for fall, winter, spring, summer as well as workout clothing. Do you see where I am going with this yet? It is just physically impossible to put all our necessary clothes in our MBR at the same time, especially when clothes are heaped on the floor in front of the closet making it impossible to reach. Obviously, throwing clothes from the floor into the hamper is not as helpful as I had thought, so it was time for immediate action.

A Twitter Sister had worked very hard to clean & organize her MBR. I want an MBR that is a tiny, gorgeous, restful place to be. Then inspiration struck! I was at a standstill for decluttering the basement as I needed to be able to get the holiday decorations back into the utility room. But I couldn't because the utility room was so out of control that I couldn't get them back in. Inside our utility room is a long rack where I had out of season & long clothes that wouldn't fit in our own closet, clothes I hadn't worn for too long and some costumes. By getting rid of everything except essentials off that rack, I could bring my clothes downstairs and turn the utility room into my dressing room. With a little effort & my imagination, it could be a luxurious boudoir.

With this goal in mind I was able to clear out 4 boxes + a suitcase full of clothing. In the process, I unearthed 6 boxes of clothing packed up for charity LAST year. Yesterday, we loaded up both cars and dropped them off. Last night while doing my decluttering, I found more things to send to charity. It is beginning to take shape. I have taken the before pictures already, but I will wait until the project is finished before sharing them. Yeah! I have a space I can decorate to my heart's content AND I will be decluttering and organizing my home at the same time! <3

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  1. Very creative finding space to make your own.