Friday, June 19, 2009

Emails - Dare I Delete?

Today's BabyStep: Delete all the emails from Flylady

Seriously? Just delete them?!?! I don't know.....what if I miss something important? What if I plan on going back and reading them later? What if my world comes crashing down because I have deleted the most important email ever? What if...what if....what if.......

Email Montage

OK, I psyching myself up for it. I think I can do this. If I'm honest with myself I know that I'm not going to go back and read the emails. I have a place for them, but do I need to keep them? Most likely not. So here I really -I'm going to do it this time........all I have to do is click on the FlyLady folder then hit select all & delete. Yep, that's it. That's all it takes. Right now. Do it. Now.

OK, that wasn't so bad. 155 conversations sent to my Trash. The Trash I just emptied last night, by the way. Didn't even hurt. If only decluttering my home were as easy!

When's the last time you decluttered your email? Or your computer for that matter? I have discovered a new web tool to help keep my computer clutter under control : tagfoot. Maybe your computer is like mine, burgeoning with bookmarked sites. Tagfoot is an online bookmarking site, but it is social as well. I can't claim to understand how it all works, because I've only just started using it. But so far I'm liking it. I can bookmark websites, pictures, music, videos. If I find something really cool, I can share it with one of my designated friends. If it is superfantastic cool, I can share it with all my friends. Check it out - click on the tagfoot picture in the upper left corner to see my profile page. If you like it, join so I can share all the funny stuff I find!

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