Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've had the NEWO Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) & No Excuses Workout DVD set since February. It's only been in the last two weeks that I've actually figured out HOW to use the HRM and begun exercising with a higher intensity. I've been working out with a trainer once a week since January (I had worked with her before pregnancy complications forced me to stop). I love J. dearly & she knows how to get the most out of me, but I need someone on my shoulder more than once a week. Because of my work with the trainer I can do a full 40 minute walking interval workout as well as complete the full NEWO strength training (modifying the push-ups to the walls because of my bad knees).

Hopefully Jonathon will be the one to sit on my shoulder the other 5 days of my workout week to keep me going in the direction I want to go!


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  1. You go girl, I seem to keep finding excusing all the time for not working out, yet I curse the scale almost every time I get on it, what's with that?