Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Can Do Anything For Just 15 Minutes!

Oh me oh my - I'm finally on Babystep #10 which is: You can do anything for just 15 minutes! It never fails to surprise me when I set my timer and get something done before the timer goes off. In fact, I usually have a few minutes left and then either struggle to find something else to do for the remaining time or just pick up a magazine and read until time is up.

I definitely need to set my timer more often. LR rescuing is a good example - maybe if I set my timer for 5 minutes several times a day I won't be left with such an awful mess to fix after DD goes to sleep :) Writing for this blog is a good example as well - I have set my timer for 15 minutes, had some extra time & went searching for a photo to jazz up the post.

General View of the Big Ben Clock Tower

If only my dryer was as loud as Big Ben - then maybe I wouldn't tune it out! Think anyone would mind if I asked them to set BB to chime every 15 minutes? LOL

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