Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer To-Do List

Many people have asked what my plans for the summer are. I decided to put my task list (which I can see anytime I log into my email account) here for everyone else to view. It does NOT include the time I will need for school prep or for the writing assignments I will be doing for the second RocketMoms session. I'm sure I will think of other things to add as we go through the summer! I also promise not to get mad at myself for NOT finishing the entire list :)

  • assemble Turtle's table
  • paint table
  • paint chair
  • sofa cover
  • basement
  • DD closet
  • toys
  • MBR
  • utility room
  • linen closet
  • attic closet
  • curtain rods for LR
  • bathing suits for myself & DD
  • waterproof pad
  • fabric for sofa cover
  • fabric for new throw pillows
  • curtains for MBR
  • fabric for outdoor curtain
  • clothes line for outside
  • bulbs for fall planting
  • sheets for new duvet cover
  • BR
  • MBR closet
  • DD closet
  • utility room
  • basement
  • finish garden planting
  • fence in backyard
  • inflate pool
  • frost BR window
  • put up kitchen wall decor
  • put up kitchen shelves
  • repaint garage door trim
  • repaint basement walls- outside
  • new avatar
  • start Zazzle gallery

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