Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the mend

DH is home from the hospital and on the road to recovery! Everything went smoothly so I'm hoping that we will see no complications from here on out.

DD went to spend the night with Grandma for the first time. That too went smoothly and there were no meltdowns on DD's part. I used some of the "Turtle-Free" time to mow the lawn and to finish planting the vegetable/herb garden beds. Now to keep Turtle from digging everything back up!!

Now I think it is time to get back to babysteps. By my calculations, I am still on step 7: Lay out your clothes. During the school year this was not a problem, but I noticed I have been backsliding on this since I rarely have anywhere to be in the mornings now. Which means that this is a perfect babystep to pick back up with!

I'm feeling worn out, the house is recovered and there is nothing else to do but meal prep and BBR. Time to start reading my new Katie Macalister book!

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