Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are you ready for the weekend?

Evidently it didn't take long for my body to readjust to my workday wake-up time.  5:30 am on a Saturday & I couldn't stay asleep any longer!  Guess that means it is a great time for a blog post. 

Spent 10 minutes tidying the house while DH was grilling and everything is still in place!  That's mostly due to DD playing outside with daddy while he grilled -she had no nap yesterday & played hard all day so she fell asleep quite quickly after dinner (meaning she didn't have enough time to toss her toys around.)  At any rate, there was nothing for me to step on in the dark as I stumbled through the LR this morning.  Heck, even the kitchen was clean when I went for my water.  What am I supposed to do with all this free time now that I'm not constantly putting things away?

That's right............pottery!  The fused glass class will have to happen at another time coz it was full by the time I got my registration forms in.  Oh well, better luck next time!

I'll also need to make those cupcakes -wouldn't do to have a birthday party for DD & not have any desserts......

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