Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pottery Class, Week Two

Its best to remember appropriate hair-restraining devices before a pottery class begins.  I am still trying to remove clay from last night's class!  I guess if I can't get it all out it will prove to be an interesting talking point at school today.

It is hard being a beginning potter.  I'm sure I will get better with practice, the problem seems to be finding the time to practice.  I can't take DD with me (for obvious reasons) nor can I bring myself to have my mom watch her any more than she already does.  Hopefully noboby on my gift list is expecting ceramic goodies because I have yet to throw anything worth putting in the kiln.  I need to keep in mind that I have improved since last week so chances are that next week I'll be pulling like a pro! (Referring to clay & not men)

On a similar note I have been contemplating adding an art endorsement to my state teaching license.  It just seems a good idea to keep my options open as far as jobs go.  The glass & pottery classes are the first art classes I have taken since middle school, but I have always felt a creative compulsion.  I think perfectionism held me back from even trying.  But I really enjoy the art projects I have been doing with my students.  I should be able to take art courses at the local community college for credit toward the endorsement.  If it turns out that I'm really horrible at least I won't be out of a ton of money!  Besides, my students now will benefit from any art study I do.  I did an art history course during my first round of college, so I only have 7 more to go to be qualified to teach K-8 art in the public school system!

French Baby Class

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