Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fused Glass Follow-Up

I was so disappointed going to class last night & finding out that our work didn't get fired in the kiln.  Evidently the kiln still wasn't working properly, so they are going somewhere else to have our work done.  Because I don't know how last week's work turned out, it was hard to get excited about making new stuff.  Plus I didn't have a decent glass cutter to use which was very frustrating.  But not nearly as frustrating as I found melting tiny glass rods over a little candle in order to bend the rod to my will.  Let's just say that the Force was with the candle and not me.  I wonder if there is a kiln mold so I can make some of these:

Martini Glasses

Today is a long day: work, gym workout with my trainer, run home & change for pottery class, go to Mom's to hang out w/her & DD until class time, class, pick up DD from Mom's, then finally home.  Really makes me wish that I had put more effort into getting things ready for this morning.  But hey, it's only until November that my Wednesday's will be crazy!

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