Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Going Strong

I could get used to this.

I spent a considerable chunk of time on Monday cleaning my house, and it is STILL IN GOOD SHAPE!  Generally by the end of my next work day, the LR has been demolished, DD will have thrown every toy she get get her hands on to the floor, and the kitchen counters mysteriously shrunk or even vanish.  But  not this time.

I spent 10 minutes rescuing rooms the first night I came home from work, and that was all that was needed.
I spent 10 minutes rescuing rooms the second night I came home from work, and that was all that was needed.
Last night, I spent less than 10 minutes rescuing rooms, and that was all that was needed.

It is highly possible that our guest (DH's college buddy) may have influenced the typical behavior in other members of the household.  Maybe I just used the momentum from Monday's clean to keep the ball rolling.  Probably both.  I just hope that it continues AFTER our guest leaves!

On a fun note, I have signed up for a Glass Fusing class with my sister.  It starts next week and for those of you expecting gifts from me this holiday season, be prepared for jewelry!  I'm even more excited about the pottery class that I signed up for.  I have wanted to take a pottery class for years and I am finally doing it.  There is a small child care issue to take care of (DH usually isn't home by the time class starts on that day) but I'm sure I can work things out.  I'll have to wait until later today to see if I got into the class -they may already be full.  If so, I shall just wait (nearly) patiently until the next session starts.  And sign up sooner.

My next career perhaps?


  1. We'll combine our talents. You make em, I'll paint em, and we can both write em up! :) I'm ALWAYS buying those little wooden or ceramic odds and ends from WalMart or Michaels.

  2. LOL Sounds like a plan! I'll probably make loads of tea cups :D