Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holiday Grand Plan: Week 4

Once again, I am SO glad that I am starting my holiday planning so far in advance!  I completely forgot about doing any holiday things this past week. 

I had planned on decluttering my freezer (or having DH do it while he was on vacation), but that never happened.  I did find this morning an interesting blog post about creating "freezer meal starters".  Instead of packaging meals to heat and serve, you precook an item to "start" a meal you can finish quickly.  This appeals to me because I have a small chest freezer and if I precooked meals I wouldn't have space for making holiday goodies in advance.  It also appeals to me for I am horrible at remembering to take something out in time to cook. 

I had also planned on continuing the creation of my holiday address labels.  I promise I will get at least 5 new addresses added by next Sunday!

I'll also need to track down supplies for my handmade holiday gifts & projects.  I've located the recipes I wish to use as gifts, all I need are some baking supplies, mason jars, holiday ribbons & figure out a way to make fancy labels on stiff paper board.  I have been using cardboard file boxes to help keep my school work organzied, so I will invest in some more to keep my holiday projects organized!

Looking ahead to the next week is taking an inventory of my gift closet.  My gift closet is actually a combination of a cardboard file box with goodies that DH comes across at his store, and the plastic tubs I keep our holiday decor in.  I'm thinking the two need to combine!  Our gift closet supply has run low.  But once I get it together and organized, I'm sure it will be easier to maintain and use.

Another fun task will be the holiday budget.  It won't take long, since its pretty much the same from year to year.  What DH & I will need to negotiate is how much to spend on DD.

So nothing new here really, already falling behind on my tasks.  But maybe, just maybe, this will be the week I catch up!

Have a Very Merry Christmas, Fifties Gift Assortment

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