Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Is it called Labor Day because its the last day of summer to get work done around the house?

I shall be taking DD to grandma's house even though I have the day off from "work" -its the final push to get some cleaning/decluttering done before DH's college buddy comes to stay with us.  I am considering the work I do today to be part of my "get ready for the holidays" scheme!  

After this week, I will truly be back on my school schedule.  Already I'm finding myself getting up at an unseemly hour each morning -even on weekends!  At least I have the Holiday Planning to look forward to :)

Yesterday was a lovely change of pace: I was to go to my sister's house to help with painting.  Instead, we took my nephew's Camaro & hit the road!  We visited their new house and picked apples.  There weren't many left, but we still managed to get a bushel or so.  Then, we headed up to their cabin.  It is not finished & has suffered storm damage, but it was heavenly sitting on the deck overlooking the river.  For a moment I could empathize with Ratty's desire to live alongside the river!  Even Mr. Toad would have been jealous of the water craft out on the water :)

Labor Day signals the end of summer for me.  I'm not a hot weather person, but I do enjoy the freedom that summer brings.  I adore fall -the temperature is finally comfortable to be outside.  The leaves are already beginning to change here, and soon there will be leaf piles everywhere and the scent of fires burning.  Yes, I am a fall girl!

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  1. Yay Autumn! I actually like all seasons, but I like the change overs the best!