Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have lift off!

For the first time in AGES I completed the Weekly Home Blessing.  I haven't done one since before my vacation (hands head in shame).  For motivation, I listened to the BTR archive of the FlyLady WHB whilst I worked.  But before I did the WHB, I rescued my home.

I was dreading the whole house rescue, but it had to be done.  What was truly amazing was that I was able to rescue each room (except the basement) in just 15 minutes per room!  Obviously, things weren't quite as bad as I had thought.  Again, I am thankful for a small house :)

As I was indulging in this Day of Housecleaning I had an "aha" moment:  I realized that I had been confusing "WHB" with general "Room Rescue".  Ooops.  No wonder I didn't like the WHB day! (Time to restart the babysteps I think) So I shall try this week to do room rescues everyday.  Yesterday when I came home it only took 15 minutes to rescue all the rooms to their pristine state.  I think I can keep that up.  Next week I'm going to spread out the WHB chores as an experiment.  For example, emptying all the trash makes sense to do on Sundays as our garbage pick up is Monday.  For the others, I think I'll just randomly choose a chore each day I come home -just to keep things interesting!

On a sad note my vacuum cleaner didn't make it through the Blessing.  I think DH's long hair finally defeated the beater brush, so it needs a good clean-out & a new belt before being put back into service.

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  1. Go you! I restart the Baby Steps every two or three months, because I need that hand holding that comes with it. I have just got an MP3 player so shall download some of the shows too. Thanks for reminding me!